T & Z

Our Love Story

Tate and Zaylie first became acquainted because of an algorithm. Zaylie appeared in Tate's Hinge feed and Tate immediately knew he had to slide into her DMs. Tate dug deep into Zaylie's profile, and found out that she loved art, so naturally, he harnessed his inner 6th grade art history class and sent her a message asking her about her favorite art period (which he knew little to nothing about by the way). However, the scheme worked and Zaylie was impressed by Tate's unending knowlege (fed primarily by Google) of the art world and agreed to go on a date with him.

Their first date was at a local Smith's, where they bought Ghiradelli brownie mix and then they watched a movie at Tate's apartment. They clicked instantly, and continued to see each other for the next few months. Zaylie took things slow, but Tate was persistent and eventually won her over.

After many adventures, Tate proposed to Zaylie outside of the Draper Temple on December 27th, 2022. Zaylie luckily for Tate, said yes!


34 Days